Car Park Management Systems Boosts Revenues And Productivity

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Car park management systems have the ability to help avoid any unnecessary traffic congestion, improve the revenue benefits of parking lot operators and reduce the emission of harmful gases. With an aim to use each inch of available parking space, many car park management system makers bring tailor made solutions that ensure better ecological benefits and economic efficiency with the best ever customer service. Visit Absolute Car Parking to find out more about how it all works

Key Features
* Parking Guidance– Parking guidance for car parking systems offer quick directions on all available parking space. The system is flexible and gives a quick overview of the area and the most frequently used spaces, less used spaces and also the ones that are avoided by customers. City-wide car parking and guidance system show drivers the way to the nearest available parking area.
* Real-Time Data and Trend Insight – Over time, a smart parking management solution can generate data that uncovers various correlations and trends of lots and users. These trends can prove valuable to lot owners as to how to make improvements or adjustments to drivers.
* Integrated Information-Special apps and solutions are available for car park management systems that boost their functionality. Their main focus is on simple and satisfactory user experience that can deliver value to both travelers and operators. By ensuring accurate and up-to-date information before or during the trip, this system makes the journey more pleasant.
* Reduced pollution –Searching for parking burns lot of oil in a day. With an optimal car park solution, it’s possible to decrease driving time, thus reducing the harmful daily vehicle emissions and ultimately shrinking the global environment footprint.
* Vehicle Counting & Detection Systems-Many car park management systems also offer vehicle detection and counting technology depending on traffic behaviour, site conditions, and some other environmental factors. The detectors can gather all information on traffic movements around the car parks, and this vital data is quickly transmitted to the central guidance system. It is further used to ascertain the car park management systems occupancy, and is transmitted back to the public through a display.
* Better Service and Brand Image – A seamless experience ca easily skyrocket any corporate or commercial entities overall brand image to the user. Whether it’s an airport, a retail store, or a corporate business office, visitors will definitely be impressed with the cutting edge technology and overall convenience factors.
* City-Wide Guidance-Due to heavy urban traffic motorists find it difficult to find the best parking space, especially in some unknown areas. This problem is solved by showing the way to the next available parking space. The new efficient parking guidance system for cities and towns reduces search time, increase car park utilization and improves traffic flow.
* Enhanced User Experience – A smart car parking management solution will integrate entire user experience into one unified action. Spot identification, driver’s payment, time notifications and location search all seamlessly become part of the destination arrival process.
* Communication System-A wide network of specially installed electronic message signs is used to convey vital traffic information to public. This is conveyed through various devices tailored to meet customer needs.
* Better safety-Employees at parking lot can use real-time data to prevent suspicious activity or parking violations. Cameras for license plate recognition can also gather pertinent footage. Also, reduced spot-searching traffic on stress will reduce many accidents caused due to the distraction of searching for a parking spot.
* More Revenue Streams – Many new revenue streams are possible with smart parking mechanism. For instance, now all lot owners can quickly enable  payment options, depending on the exact parking lot location in the city. It is also possible to integrate many reward programs into the existing models to boost repeat users.